No. 12 - Peach Whiskey – GLOBAL AIRSCREAM UK Limited

No. 12 - Peach Whiskey


Mellow aged Whiskey paired with sweet peach gives a luscious and simply unforgettable taste.

Every drop of Peach Whiskey is thoughtfully formulated to provide the best quality vaping experience, tantalising your taste buds from the first hit to the last.

• Nicotine level: 40mg Salt Nicotine
• Capacity: 10ml & 30ml

Unique production
AIRSCREAM lab has developed a hybrid nicotine delivery solution that anyone can enjoy.

Strict control
• 0 Tar
• 0  Carbon monoxide
• 0 Suspended particle

Food grade aseptic material
Only the highest quality food grade materials are used in all AirsPops components to ensure the best consumer experience.

Taste surprise
Heart-crafted flavours for sharing happiness, one vape at a time.