AirsPops Pro


AirsPops Pro is the perfect device for every palate, blending simple, aesthetic design with peak practical performance.

AirsPops Pro delivers a velvety-smooth experience from start to finish, by capturing every detail of the authentic flavours and bringing them forth. Experience the true taste and nuance of every flavour with AirsPops Pro.

• Battery capacity: 700 mAh
• Working voltage: 3.7 V
• Coil resistance: 1.0 Ohm
• Tank capacity: 2 ml
• Dimensions: 104.4 mm x 12 mm x 22.5 mm 

• 1.0 Ohm: suitable for MTL, recommended for 40-50VG ratio e-liquids.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 6 reviews
    Excellent device, refill tab is a problem

    I would recommend the airscream pro 10/10 however I have my device for 3 weeks now and I'm on my 3rd pod already. The refill tab on the pod keeps breaking and I then need to replace the pod. The device battery life, flavor and the draw is Excellent. The tab is a problem though. I stopped using it now as it's getting more expensive.

    Hi Noer,

    Thanks for your review for AirsPops Pro. The refill plug on the pod will be upgraded in the next version that we are currently working on, please bear with us a little longer.

    Meanwhile if you could send your daytime address and phone number, we might be able to send you some refill plugs.

    Airscream Pro

    Absolutely love the device. Prefer it over the previous model I had. However , after 3 weeks I noticed the rubber seal on the cartridge started breaking until it eventually broke off completely.
    I have tried multiple coils as well and each time the device somehow makes the liquid flavour sweeter than I’ve experienced before on other models. I really love this brand and product. Not using currently since rubber seal broke.

    Hi Izette,

    Thank you for your review for AirsPops Pro. We agree the design of the rubber seal is not perfect, and this will be improved on the next version of the cartridge development.

    Can we have your daytime address and phone number, so we might be able to get you a few rubber seals so you can continue to use the cartridge?

    AirPops Pro

    I love this vape and the liquids. The taste is so rich and smooth. But yes, the issue with this device is the rubber seal when refilling the pod- you have to be really careful opening it. It brakes because It’s made from thin rubber. Also after a couple of weeks the pod seal on the bottom starts leaking. The paint inside the device starts to peel off from the liquid even if you clean it all the time and the pod doesn’t go in smoothly. You definitely need to buy extra pods for changing. I just purchased a new device, because the peeled paint annoyed me, but after all I love it, I would love if they made different colours instead of just white and grey.

    Taille Pelser
    Cheap but not ideal

    Do you save money? Yes, but this device has a lot of flaws , the rubber seal you use to refill the pod broke off after 2 weeks of use of my first pod. Theres a huge leaking problem even though i put in new coils every 4 refills as its suggested, and some how there was e-liquid coming out of the bottom of the device, i need to constantly wipe it with tissue to ensure the sticky e-liquid doesn’t spill through the bottom. Aswell as sometimes it just simply won’t function (and no its not because the coil isn't connected as the red light doesn’t come on , it just doesn't pull) so yeah very disappointed in this product just save your money for a smok or stick to Airspops disposables.

    Hi Brandon,

    We are sorry for your experience with AirsPops Pro device. We offer 6 months warranty for the devices from purchase date, our team will contact you to sort it out soon. Thank you.


    This product works really well and is cheap to maintain the only problem is that the devices paint comes off extremely easy making it look unaesthethically pleasing