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AirsPops ONE USE 3ml - Freezy Grape

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The lush and wholesome taste of syrupy grape infused with a chilly sensation.

AirsPops ONE USE is a disposable e-cigarette, the easiest way to enjoy the excellent heart-crafted flavours and real hit of AIRSCREAM on the go.

• Battery Capacity: 550 mAh
• Strength: 5% Nic Salts
• Liquid: 3 ml

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Faulty devices

I have just bought a new airspops one use and it is not my first time buying this one use disposable, the problem is that it has had less then 10 pulls on it and the device does not want to switch off properly, it wants to carry on burning the coil even after i have stopped taking a pull..... i am extremely annoyed at the fact that its a non refundable product at stores once open.... i have spent money on something with full knowledge of how the product works and have bought a good few of them... but now knowing that a brand new device can be faulty from after first pull is frustrating, for the price i paid its not worth the convenience of it... how am i meant feel confident in buying another... this is a factory fault and not a fault caused by shipping or consumers fault... there's is no customer information on resolving the iusse or fault on the website for the airspops one use device at all... feels like even this review will fall on deaf ears considering that the customer care support is only by email in for this product in South Africa, i truly hope i stand to be corrected because i actually like the product and convince of it, which is the only reason im willing to pay the price they want for the one use airspops, they are not cheap enough to take a chance on having one be faulty straight from the factory.... very disappointed....

Hi Callan,

This is AIRSCREAM Customer Care team, we hear you on the faulty AirsPops ONE USE device, and we will contact you very soon with a solution. Please be assured that we take responsibility for the products sold and we will resolve this for you. Thank you.