The AIRSCREAM story started on 13 March 2018...

When the elusive co-founders Shen and Sam came together, wanting to create and build an influential international lifestyle brand.


Depend on who you ask.

To an outsider, 

It can be another e-cigarette start-up that opened its doors on 10 January 2019. We are among the few that persisted.

To our customers, 
AIRSCREAM is the push they needed to start their journey to quit smoking.

To our team, 
AIRSCREAM is an independent, exciting start-up with a promising future. Our team work effectively to come up with innovative solutions to solve problems creatively.

To the founders, 
We are one step closer in eliminating cigarettes, and AIRSCREAM is a means to that end.

To our competitors, 
AIRSCREAM has succeeded in becoming a leading brand across multiple markets.



"Following your passions first can lead to not just profits, but a happy life for you, your employees, and customers."

DELIVERING HAPPINESS is the core philosophy behind the inspiring story of AIRSCREAM Group. The journey began when both our Co-founders Shen and Sam, came together with a vision of creating a UK-based international lifestyle brand that delivers happiness and a "wow" experience to the team and customers.

Shen and Sam are big fans of the recently deceased founder of Zappos, Tony Hsieh, and the way he cultivated Zappos's company culture inspired them. Hence, they came together to start AIRSCREAM; intuitively focusing on the vape industry. Both founders brought together their collective market experiences and a passion for eliminating cigarettes.

AIRSCREAM's journey began on 13th March 2018 in the UK. The group has sought to make a name in the field, and today we have expanded our foothold into six continents.

To ensure the group is on the right path to upholding our commitments, embracing our vision, and remains inspired with our growth plans, AIRSCREAM UK has created AIRSCREAM Day 313 to. Celebrate AIRSCREAM's birthday. Starting from 2021, we will be offering a variety of online and on-ground activities to amaze consumers, by delivering happiness through a series of heart-crafted products that emphasise the AIRSCREAM brand.

Our Team - Global Teams that work

Our team comprises people from different regions and cultures. We work collectively to achieve our goals regardless of which region we belong to.


Our Markets - Our Magic Flavours All Around the World

Every market is important to us. Besides providing our flagship flavours to all markets, we also offer region specific flavours to demonstrate our product uniqueness. Team AIRSCREAM is delivering happiness and spreading our flavours magic across 40+ countries and counting in 6 continents.


Where we will go next?


We are committed to our business core values and remaining a socially responsible company in all communities we operate in across the globe.

We work closely with our partners to be transparent and ethical in conducting our business with integrity. We work in compliance with all applicable laws and governmental regulations while remaining responsive to stakeholders. 

Together with our partners, we can maintain a compliant business that continues to grow and ensure independence and validity within an industry traditionally the domain of big tobacco players.